Keywords = sensitivity analysis
Sensitivity analysis for Walters-B nanoliquid flow over a radiative Riga surface by RSM

Volume 29, Issue 3, May and June 2022, Pages 1236-1249

A. Shafiq; F. Mebarek-Oudina; T. N. Sindhu; G. Rasool

Prediction of the size of silver nanoparticles prepared via green synthesis: A gene expression programming approach

Volume 27, Issue 6, November and December 2020, Pages 3399-3411

Roshana Sattari; Gholam Reza Khayati

Sensitivity analysis of economic variables using neuro-fuzzy approach

Volume 27, Issue 3, June 2020, Pages 1352-1359

E. Lotfi; S. Babrzadeh; A. Khosravi

Effect of non-Darcy flow on induced stresses around a wellbore in an anisotropic in-situ stress field

Volume 26, Issue 3, May and June 2019, Pages 1182-1193

A. Tohidi; A. Fahimifar; V. Rasouli

Sensitivity analysis of the effective centrifugal pump parameters using the EFAST method

Volume 26, Issue 1, January and February 2019, Pages 421-427

H. Safikhani

Predicting potential of controlled blasting-induced liquefaction using neural networks and neuro -fuzzy system

Volume 25, Issue 2, March and April 2018, Pages 617-631

Fariba Asvar; Arash Shirmohammadi Faradonbeh; Kazem Barkhordari

Polynomial Models Controlling Strength of Zeolite-Cement-Sand Mixtures

Volume 24, Issue 2, March and April 2017, Pages 526-536

Hossein MolaAbasi; Issa Shooshpasha

Bed Load Sediment Transport in Sewers at Limit of Deposition

Volume 23, Issue 3, May and June 2016, Pages 907-917

Isa Ebtehaj; Hossein Bonakdari

Improved seismic response of multi-span bridges retrofitted with compound restrainers

Volume 22, Issue 4, July and August 2015, Pages 1422-1434

Abdolreza Joghataie; Ahmad Pahlavan Yali

An Investigation of Friction Angle Correlation with Geotechnical Properties for Granular Soils Using GMDH Type Neural Networks

Volume 22, Issue 1, January and February 2015, Pages 157-164

Issa Shooshpasha; Iman Amiri; Hossein MolaAbasi

Sobol Method Application in Sensitivity Analysis of LuGre Friction Model ‎during 2D Manipulation ‎

Volume 21, Issue 4, August 2014, Pages 1461-1469

M. H. Korayem; M. Taheri; Z. ‎ Rastegar