Publication Ethics

Appreciating the cooperation of the respected authors with Scientia Iranica, we hereby announce the following terms for article submission:

1- It is essential that the submitted article be up-to-date with a new, up-to-date content.

2. The authors of an article are held accountable for the contents of their article.

3. Submitting an article or a part of it simultaneously to other journals is contrary to the ethical requirements.

4 - It is necessary to adhere to the principles of academic honesty in writing an article while using similar up-to-date researches.

5 - Sufficient reasoning and logic in the conclusion should be taken into consideration.

6. It should be noted that deliberating on writing the draft, presenting the findings, and avoiding hasty distribution of the paper's achievements and findings are of considerable importance.

7. It is not possible to delete, add, and rename authors, as well as the corresponding author, after completing the authorship form (manuscript ownership).

8. The similarities of all submitted manuscripts are checked using a Plagiarism checker upon submission. The manuscripts with the similarity percentages higher than a specific threshold fail to start the reviewing process.