Keywords = Analytical solution
Analytical solution to governing equations of triple coupled physics of structural mechanics, diffusion, and heat transfer

Volume 25, Issue 5, September and October 2018, Pages 2738-2757


E. Mahdavi; M. Haghighi-Yazdi; M. Baniassadi; M. Tehrani; S. Ahzi; J. Jamali

A New Solution Approach for Supply Function Equilibrium-based Bidding Strategy in Electricity Markets

Volume 24, Issue 6, November and December 2017, Pages 3231-3246


Ahmad Azadi Hematabadi; Asghar Akbari Foroud

Innovative Analytical Solutions to 1, 2 and 3D Water Infiltration into Unsaturated Soils for Initial-Boundary Value Problems

Volume 24, Issue 5, September and October 2017, Pages 2346-2368


Hamed Reza Zarif Sanayei; G. R. Rakhshandehroo; N. Talebbeydokhti