Numerical treatment of magneto hydrodynamic Carreau liquid with heat and mass transport containing gyrotactic microorganisms

Document Type : Article


Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad 44000, P.O. Box 2750, Pakistan


In the current examination, insightful approximations are researched for magnetohydrodynamics Carreau nanofluid having gyrotactic microorganisms over a warmed turning plate. The plate is moving with the steady uniform rakish speed. Administering conditions are gotten by utilizing certain actual presumptions as incomplete differential conditions with limit conditions. These nonlinear types of conditions are changed into coupled standard differential conditions utilizing bunch likeness change. Optimal homotopy investigation strategy (OHAM) is utilized to acquire the graphical outcomes and even qualities for the stream field factors. Graphical portrayal of speeds, temperature, fixation and thickness of gyrotactic microorganisms are examined and clarified. It is tracked down that dimensionless microorganism’s fixation develops for bioconvective Lewis number and focus distinction variable of microorganisms. It is additionally seen that dimensionless speeds diminish because of the attractive impact and Carreau liquid boundary. Contour plots and mathematical outcomes are given for neighbourhood motion boundaries like skin rubbing coefficient, Nusselt number, Sherwood number and thickness number of motile microorganisms.


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