Author = M. Bashiri
Optimization of Weighted Correlated Multiple Responses Using a probabilistic index

Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2016, Pages 1418-1428

Mahdi Bashiri; Mohammad Hasan Bakhtiarifar

A new bi-objective model for a closed-loop supply chain problem with inventory and transportation times

Volume 23, Issue 3, June 2016, Pages 1441-1458

F. Forouzanfar; R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam; M. Bashiri; A. Baboli

A Novel Approach in Multi Response Optimization for Correlated Categorical Data

Volume 22, Issue 3, June 2015, Pages 1117-1129

Reza Kamranrad; Mahdi Bashiri

Single-Item Lot-Sizing and Scheduling Problem with Deteriorating Inventory and Multiple Warehouses

Volume 20, Issue 6, December 2013, Pages 2177-2187

Mahmood Vahdani; Ardeshir Dolati; Mahdi Bashiri