Family of harmonic aggregation operators under inuitionistic fuzzy environment

Document Type : Article


Department of Mathematics, IIT Patna, India


In the process of decision making, the necessity of aggregation of input arguments into a single output
becomes a key step and as a result selection of an appropriate aggregation operator is a vital aspect. The
aim of this contribution is threefold. First, we study algebraic operations of trapezoidal intuitionistic
fuzzy numbers (TrIFNs) and then on the basis of these operational laws, we de ne four types of harmonic
mean operators with TrIFNs. Second, the required properties of the proposed operators are reviewed.
After that, an approach based on the proposed operators is introduced to solve a group decision making
problem. Finally, a practical example is furnished to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed
operators in the decision making context. The contribution ends by introducing comparative analysis on
the obtained results.


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