A modified model for stability analysis of narrow-width NEMS tweezers: Corrections due to surface layer, scale dependency and force distributions


1 Department of Aerospace Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran

2 Mechanical Engineering Group, Shahrekord Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord, Iran


Stability analysis and modeling the electromechanical response of nanotweezers is crucial for reliable design and manufacturing of these nano-devices. Herein, a modified model is developed for static and dynamic stability analysis of nanotweezers with low width to thickness ration (narrow width). The surface elasticity in conjunction with the strain gradient theory is employed to consider the coupled effects of scale dependency i.e. size-dependency of material characteristics and surface layer. The nonlinear governing equation was solved using analytical Rayleigh-Ritz method (RRM). The influence of various parameters including scale dependency, surface stresses, damping parameter and dispersion forces on the stability of the tweezers is addressed. Furthermore the maximum length and the minimum gap of the tweezers are computed which are of the important design parameters.