The Effect of Ductile Damage on Plastic Behavior of a Rotating Disk with Variable Thickness Subjected to Mechanical Loading


Mechanical Engineering Department, Babol University of Technology; P.O. Box 484, Babol, Mazandaran, Iran


In this work, the effect of ductile damage on distributions of strain and displacement components in rotating annular disks with variable thicknesses under plane stress condition is studied using semi-analytical and finite element methods. The plastic behavior of disks under mechanical loading is studied on the basis of continuum damage mechanics. The semi-analytical method is developed using the Prandtl-Reuss relations, the method of successive elastic solution and damage plasticity model proposed by Xue and Wierzbicki that is used for the finite element analysis as well. The proposed damage plasticity model incorporates effects of both hydrostatic stress and the Lode angle to define the fracture envelope. The results obtained by semi-analytical method are then compared with the results obtained by the finite element method. Numerical calculations for different ranges of thickness parameter with and without damage effect are carried out and results are compared. It is shown that the damage has a significant effect on values of maximum von Mises stress and the limit angular velocity of annular disks. Results of the present study confirm the credibility of the proposed model in predicting the damage limit angular velocity and can be extend to other state of loadings.