A  new single CCII- based voltage-mode first-order all-pass filter and its quadrature oscillator application


1 Department of Informatics, Akdeniz University, 07059, Konyaalti-Antalya, Turkey

2 Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Pamukkale University, 20070, Kinikli-Denizli, Turkey


In this paper, a new voltage-mode (VM) first-order all-pass filter (APF) topology composed of only a grounded capacitor is proposed. The proposed APF uses a single minus-type second-generation current conveyor (CCII-) which can be constructed by only five MOS transistors. It has low power consumption. Resonance frequency of the proposed APF can be adjusted by changing only a resistor value. However, it needs a single matching condition. As an application, a quadrature oscillator example is given. A non-ideality analysis for the proposed APF is also given. A number of time domain and frequency domain simulation results and an experimental test result are included to confirm the theory.