Intuitionistic fuzzy Choquet aggregation operator based on Einstein operation laws


School of Information, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, Hangzhou, 310018, China


In this paper, we study the intuitionistic fuzzy information aggregation operators based on Einstein operation laws with the condition of the aggregated arguments are independent. The Einstein based intuitionistic fuzzy Choquet averaging (EIFCA) operator is proposed. Furthermore, the relationship between the EIFCA operator and the IFCA operator is investigated. The desirable properties of the EIFCA operator, such as boundeness, monotonicity, shift-invariance and homogeneity are discussed. A multi-criteria decision making approach based on the EIFCA operator is proposed under intuitionistic fuzzy environment. A comparative example is given for demonstrating the applicability of the proposed decision procedure and for finding links with other operators based decision approach.