Comparison of the Mollification Method, Wavelet Transform and Moving Average Filter for Reduction of Measurement Noise Effects in Inverse Heat Conduction Problems


Department of Mechanical Engineering,University of Tehran


This paper proposes a procedure to smooth temperature data by wavelet transform, moving
average filter and the mollification method prior to utilizing the IHCP methods (i.e. the conjugate gradient
method, the Tikhonov regularization method) for unknown heat
ux estimation. The measured transient
temperature data utilized in the solution may be obtained from locations inside the body or from locations
on its inactive boundaries. Two case studies are used to investigate the eciency and accuracy of the
mentioned procedure. The first case study is performed on a rectangular body. The second case study
demonstrates the ability of the proposed method to estimate heat
ux in a more complicated geometry.
Smoothing measured data causes an increase in the accuracy and stability of the estimation.