Time-Domain Analysis of Sandwich Shells with Passive Constrained Viscoelastic Layers


1 Department of Mechanical Engineering,Amirkabir University of Technology

2 -------,Iran Aerospace Industries Organization


Damping e ects on THE vibration behavior of a sandwich cylindrical shell with a passive
constrained viscoelastic layer are investigated in the time-domain. Equations of motion in terms
of transverse modal coordinates in the frequency-domain are obtained by means of an energy
method and the Lagrange equation, and they are solved by the assumed-mode method. The
viscoelastic behavior is represented by the frequency complex modulus model. The equations of
motion are transferred from the frequency-domain to the time-domain by the Inverse Fast Fourier
Transform, (IFFT). Thickness e ects of constrained and viscoelastic layers are investigated by a
transient external load response and evaluation of the damping factor and settling time.