First Order Perturbation Solution for Axial Vibration of Tension Leg Platforms


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


The dynamic response of the leg (tether) of a Tension Leg Platform(TLP), subjected to axial load at the top of the leg, is presented. The structural model is very simple, but several complicated factors, such as foundation effect, buoyancy and simulated ocean wave load, are considered. As an application, the effect of added mass fluctuation on the dynamic response of the leg subjected to such a load is presented. This effect is important in the fatigue life study of tethers. A first order perturbation method is used, in order to formulate and solve the problem. The differential equation is solved by means of non-harmonic Fourier expansion, in terms of eigenfunctions obtained from a non-regular Sturm-Liouville system.