Determining Awkward Spaces in Ships Using Posture Study


Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture,University of Zagreb


In this paper, crew work posture, as one of critical human factor considerations, will be reviewed in different ship spaces. Whether crew members are standing or seated at a workbench or machine, their working posture is extremely important. If the available hardware forces crew members to remain in an awkward position for a long period of time, they will obviously become fatigued and, thus, more apt to make mistakes or incur some type of physical disability. In such spaces, different work postures are one of the most important parameters in affecting crew efficiency and must be studied for each space. In this work, each working space, in some real ships, regarding different work postures has been studied and the profile of each workplace has been determined. In this work, by allocating a grade for each workplace, awkward spaces in ships may be determined.