Computation of Three-Dimensional Supersonic Turbulent Flows over Wrap-Around Fin Projectiles Using Personal Computers


Department of Mechanical Engineering,Sharif University of Technology


The three-dimensional supersonic turbulent flows over wrap-around fin missiles have been computed using the Thin Layer Navier-Stokes (TLNS) equations to reduce the computational efforts compared to those of the Full Navier-Stokes (FNS) equations. In this research, the missile configuration is divided into multi regions to enable fluid flow simulation using Personal Computers (PC). It also makes it possible to use a different number of nodes and distribution of grids in each region to enhance the accuracy. The Thin Layer Navier-Stokes equations in the generalized coordinate system were solved using an efficient, implicit, finite-difference factored algorithm of the Beam and Warming. For the turbulent flow field computations, the well-known isotropic two-layer algebraic eddy viscosity Baldwin-Lomax model was used. The computations were performed for supersonic turbulent flows over wrap-around fin configurations for free stream Mach numbers, M_{\infty}=1.9-2.86. Predicted roll moment and longitudinal aerodynamic coefficients were compared with the experimental data at various angles of attack. The computational results are in good agreement with experimental data.