Time-Varying Equivalent Roll Damping Coefficient and Natural Frequency Estimation via Augmented Extended Kalman Filtering for Floating Body

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Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Department of Motor Vehicles and Transportation Technologies Canakkale, Turkey



The time-varying equivalent roll damping coefficient and natural frequency in a nonlinear state-space model of a floating body are discussed in this article using an augmented extended Kalman filtering (EKF) method. In this paper, we present an estimation technique that can identify changes in the damping properties of the system considered by a single parameter based on roll angle data. The model used an augmented EKF to overcome parameter variability and noisy measurement input. The calculated error was compared with the covariance matrix's theoretical restrictions to determine whether the filtering was effective. It is found that the equivalent damping coefficient and natural frequency obtained from the EKF method is a more accurate depiction of the roll dynamics from the general estimation procedure given by the literature. The suggested technique has the ability to eliminate random noise from the measured signal. The effect of measurement noise levels on identification accuracy was investigated and discussed.


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