Numerical Investigation of Non-linear Radiation Effects in Boundary Layer Oblique Stagnation Point Flow of non-Newtonian Fluids over a Symmetrically Stretching Surface under the Effects of Magnetic Field

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Lahore, Pakistan


The numerical solution of the flow of non-Newtonian fluid induced by symmetrically stretching fractal sheet in the region of oblique stagnation point flow under the inducement of externally applied uniform magnetic field orthogonal to the flow is presented. The analysis is made under the assumption of a boundary layer which arrives at the system of partial differential equations which afterward is transformed into ordinary differential equations by using appropriate similarity transformations. The numerical solution of the modeled system of equation is obtained by parallel shooting technique and then presented for different variations of involved parameters. It is noted that enhancement in the magnetic field results in a decrease in horizontal velocity and the boundary layer becomes thinner. The behavior of streamlines shows that the symmetry of the flow is highly dependent on the obliqueness of the stagnation point flow. It is seen that when the ratio of a/c>1, the flow has a normal boundary layer structure but when a/c<1 then the structure shows inverted behavior. It is also seen that there exists no boundary layer when a/c=1. The obtained results are also compared with the available results in the literature and found in excellent agreement in the limiting cases


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