New Method for Pattern Synthesizing of an Unequally Spaced Array with Dynamic Range Ratio Improvement

Document Type : Article


1 Ferdwosi University of Mashhad, Electrical Dept., Mashhad, Iran

2 Iran University of Science and Technology, School of Electrical Engineering, Tehran, Iran


The amplitude-phase synthesis of an unequally spaced array is discussed in this study along with a new method that improves the amplitude dynamic range ratio with fewer elements. In this method, the Hankel matrix is established using the sampling points of a prescribed array factor. The array elements' locations are estimated using the eigenvalues of the Hankel matrix. The magnitude of the array currents is then calculated using the least-squares approach. By defining the reduction parameter, the amplitude dynamic range can be extremely reduced. Some theoretical and practical arrays are given to verify the performance of the proposed method. The obtained results are compared to those obtained by other methods, and simulation data.


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