A Modified Group Chain Sampling Plan for lifetime following Kumaraswamy Generalized Power Weibull Distribution with Minimum Angle Approach

Document Type : Article


1 Social Welfare and Bait ulMaal, Lahore

2 University of the Punjab Lahore

3 Statistics, King Abdulaziz University

4 College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan


The present study proposed a new modified group chain sampling plan for truncated life test when the lifetime of products follow a Kumaraswamy generalized power Weibull (KGPW) distribution. The results of optimal group size, mean ratio of true mean to the specified mean, operating characteristic values, minimum angles, acceptance quality level, lower quality level are obtained against the specified producer’s, consumer’s risk, test termination time, and mean ratio. The performance of the proposed chart is also monitored through a real life dataset of 63 single carbon fibers’ measurements with specified gauge length. Control limits are constructed to check the quality of strength of a single carbon fibers at gauge length of 20-mm. From the results, it is observed that when the test termination time increases the operating characteristic and mean ratio of proposed plan also increase disproportionately.


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