Parametric investigations into dynamics of cracked thin rectangular plates excited by a moving mass

Document Type : Article


1 Departement of Civil Engineering, University of Science and Culture (USC), Tehran, P.O. Box 13145-871, Iran

2 Departement of Civil Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Dynamic analysis of cracked thin rectangular plates subjected to a moving mass first is investigated in this paper. To this end, the eigenfunction expansion method is utilized to solve the governing equation. For the first time, the intact plate orthogonal polynomials in combination with admissible crack functions as a composition, are employed in the eigenfunction expansion method formulation, required professional computer programming to solve the equation. The proposed approach guarantees upper bound of the true solution, which is the property of an appropriate numerical solution. Parametric investigation is performed to determine the effect of the moving mass weight, the moving mass velocity, the crack length, and the crack angular orientation as well as the plate’s aspect ratio, on the dynamic response of cracked plates. The results confirm, that the moving mass has a greater impact than the moving load on the dynamic responses of cracked plates. Furthermore, there is nonlinear relation among enhancing the dynamic responses of the cracked plates with various boundary conditions, and magnifying the moving mass weights, elevating the moving mass velocities, lengthening the crack length, raising the inclined crack angels as well as augmenting the plates aspect ratios.


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