An economic-statistical production quantity model under quality-maintenance policy for imperfect manufacturing systems with interaction effect among assignable causes

Document Type : Article


1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Qom, Iran

2 Industrial Engineering Group, Golpayegan College of Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Golpayegan, 87717-67498, Iran


This study integrates production and maintenance planning with statistical process monitoring in the presence of dependent multiple assignable causes. To adapt the model to the reality, two assumptions are considered: (1) the assignable causes (ACs) are dependent, and (2) the occurrence of ACs can affect both process mean and variability. Given the second assumption, a non-central chi-square (NCS) chart is used to monitor the process. Since the occurrence rate of ACs increases over time, a non-uniform sampling scheme is presented to reduce the out-of-control time period. A sensitivity analysis is presented to explore how the number of AC types influences the cost terms. The results indicate that the more AC types, the higher quality loss and maintenance costs are imposed on the manufacturer. Moreover, three comparative studies are conducted for confirming the effectiveness of the model. The first comparative study shows that the total cost will be less than its real value when the interdependency among the ACs is ignored. The second comparison shows that the NCS chart outperforms the in detecting the process disturbances and leads to a less quality loss cost. Eventually, the last one represents that employing the non-uniform sampling strategy leads to a significant cost savings.


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