Using grey wolf optimizer to minimize voltage total harmonic distortion of a salient-pole synchronous generator

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1 ISBIR Electric Company, Department of R and D, 10150, Balikesir, Turkey

2 Department of Industrial Engineering, Balikesir University, 10145, Balikesir, Turkey

3 ISBIR Electric Company, Department of R & D, 10150, Balikesir, Turkey


It is important to calculate the optimum design parameters of synchronous generator (SG) to obtain the desired total harmonic distortion (THD). In this study, we aim to determine the optimum rotor design parameters of SG by using grey wolf optimizer (GWO) algorithm. For this purpose regression modelling is performed to mathematically modelling the relationship between the selected rotor design parameters (factors namely slot pitch, center slot pitch, and damper width) and THD (response). This factor combination is not previously investigated in the related literature. Then by using GWO the optimization is performed on this regression equation. Maxwell simulations have been used for numerical experiments. The results of GWO are compared with the results of genetic algorithm (GA). The results indicate that the GWO algorithm can be well adapted to similar optimization processes and can be effectively used. As a result, the voltage THD of the SG is reduced to 0.3951 under the acceptable magnetic flux conditions. This GWO aided optimization study is significant in that it demonstrates how the performance of SG can be improved by making minor changes to the production line that has been adjusted for mass production without changing the outer diameter and dimensions of SG.


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