A particle method development for analysing the post-buckling behaviour of composite plate with cut-out

Document Type : Article


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Postal code 89195-741, Iran


In this research, nonlinear buckling and post-buckling behaviours of composite plates with the ‎circular/elliptical cut-out are investigated using particle semi-energy (PSE) method. The semi-‎energy is based on the solution of compatibility equation via an Airy force and out-of-plane ‎displacement functions. The‏ ‏unknown parameters of these functions are determined by ‎minimizing the potential energy. The integrals of potential energy are replaced with ‎summations at perforated plate particle (node). The cut-out is modelled easily using these ‎nodes. The advantages of this method are modelling cut-out by nodes easily and proposing ‎just one of the displacement fields (i.e. out-of-plane). Based on the results, there is a good ‎agreement (1.25%) between the post-buckling loads derived from PSE of this paper and ‎experimental test of other literature. The accuracy of the finite element method (FEM) is 7.5% ‎with respect to experimental test. The influences of rotating elliptical cut-out and replacing it ‎with two circular cut-outs via same areas on post-buckling load are investigated‎


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