A New Accelerated Firefly Algorithm for Size Optimization of Truss Structures


Faculty of Civil and Environmental Eng., Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz, Iran


An accelerated firefly algorithm (AFA) for fast size optimization of truss structures is proposed in this paper. Metaheuristic firefly algorithm has been recently developed and its effectiveness in solving practical problems such as sizing optimization of truss structures has not been thoroughly explored. The numerical experiments show that although the standard firefly algorithm (FA) is a powerful approach for truss optimization, it suffers from slow rate of convergence, and hence it should be modified to solve real-life problems. The proposed AFA imposes some improvements on the searching procedure by both reduction of randomness and scaling the random term in fireflies' motion. The effectiveness and robustness of the algorithm are investigated by solving some benchmark problems. The results revealed that the proposed AFA remarkably enhances the rate of convergence and stability of standard firefly algorithm.