Spintronics in Nano scales: An approach from DNA spin polarization

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Urmia University of Technology, Urmia, Iran


DNA nanotechnology is a purist’s approach to biomolecular engineering. The field aims to create molecular structures and devices through the exclusive use of DNA as an engineering material. On the other hand, DNA Spintronics as a DNA nanotechnology field uses the electron spin to store and process information. In this work, we have used the Peyrard-Bishop-Holstein model combined with spin-orbit interaction for studying the spin transfer mechanism in DNA nanowires. In this work, the electrical currents corresponding to the spin up and spin down electrons obtain directly using the Hamiltonian equations of system. We could obtained the best functional ranges for external agents such as magnetic and electrical fields and surroundings temperature for applying in spintronics applications. By considering the simultaneous effect of parameters, we have determined the islands with pure spin current. But, the considerable result is where we have applied the time periodic magnetic field and observe the characteristic peaks in polarization diagram. These peaks can be used for information coding as zero-one codes.   Therefore, one could construct DNA nanowires which filter the spin current, create the nearly pure spin currents and act as a spintronics device for process and transfer the information.


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