Effects of leakage inductance on the input current of double star diode rectifier with active inter-phase reactor

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School of Electrical Engineering and Automation Harbin Institute of Technology


An active inter-phase reactor(AIPR)is often employed to inject triangle current to improve the input current quality of double star diode rectifier. Due to the existed leakage inductance of transformer, the input current harmonics suppression ability of the injected triangle current would be weaken. In this paper, the current commutation process of the double star diode rectifier with AIPR is analyzed initially. Then, according to the relation between the input current and output current of the double star transformer, the relation between the leakage inductance and the input line current of double star diode rectifier with AIPR is established. Such factors like the input current THD, the input current lag angle and power factor of the double star diode rectifier with AIPR, their relations with the leakage inductance are also obtained. The theoretical analysis demonstrate that the leakage inductance increase the input current THD and lag angle. It indicates that the leakage inductance decrease the displacement factor and power factor. To ensure the input current THD is less than 5% and the power factor is more than 0.998, the leakage inductance factor KLs should be less than 0.22.  Simulation results verify the theoretical analysis.


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