Experimental Study of Fuel Regression Rate in a HTPB/N2O Hybrid Rocket Motor

Document Type : Article


1 Senior Researcher, Space Transportation Research Institute, Iranian Space Research Center, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Aerospace Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Azadi Street, Tehran, Iran


The performance of a HTPB/N2O hybrid motor was experimentally investigated. A hybrid motor was designed and manufactured in a laboratory with the purpose of studying the effects of various parameters on the motor’s performance, including fuel regression rate and specific impulse. A series of tests were conducted to find a correlation between the fuel regression rate and the oxidizer’s mass flux. The effects of chamber’s pressure on the regression rate as well as other performance parameters were investigated. While the burning rate did not change dramatically, both the efficiency and ISP of the motor were increased. The local fuel regression rate and the fuel port were also calculated. In addition, instantaneous regression rate was calculated using a special technique.


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H. Rezaei et al./Scientia Iranica, Transactions B: Mechanical Engineering 25 (2018) 253{265 265