An alternative boom design and welding technique to minimize energy consumption during boom production

Document Type : Article


1 Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering , Necmettin Erbakan University, 42060, Konya/Turkey

2 MPG Makine Prodüksiyon Grubu Research Engineer, Konya-Turkey


This paper presents an alternative boom design for mobile cranes and a method to produce it for minimizing the energy consumption during its production. The main change in the production of the crane booms is the shape of the booms.  Normally two symmetric boom parts are manufactured and then these parts are welded by two welding processes, in the proposed design, firstly only one part is manufactured and bended. Therefore one welding will be sufficient and more energy-friendly process is achieved.  With the proposed shape, the corner joints are eliminated while forming the boom shape without any need to produce them beforehand. Single welding process is applied to minimize the energy consumption during the manufacturing of the boom, so the welding quality becomes more important. In order to satisfy the welding quality, a welding manipulator is designed and manufactured. By using this welding manipulator used in a closed area and applied filter devices, the harmful gases were not released on the operator and the environment.  Finally the energy and time required during the plasma cutting process of boom parts are decreased about 41%, and the energy consumption during the welding process is decreased about 53% compared to the traditional methods. 


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