Parameter identification of a parametrically excited rate micro-gyroscope using recursive least squares method

Document Type : Article


School of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Estimation of physical parameters of a parametrically excited gyroscope is studied in this paper. This estimation is possible by reading the input and output data of the gyroscope. Because of di erent faults in the manufacturing process and tolerances, physical parameters of a gyroscope are not exactly same as the expected values of the manufacturer. Moreover, changing of temperature, humidity, external acceleration,
etc. can change the physical parameters of the gyro. Thus, the physical parameters of gyroscope are not xed values and may deviate from the desired designed values. The physical parameters of gyroscope determine the optimal region for working of gyroscope. Thus, if the parameters deviate from the original ones but the excitation frequency is fi xed at its initial value, the sensitivity of the gyroscope will be reduced. The new
parameters of the gyroscope can determine the new point of excitation frequency and, because of this, estimation of these parameters should be done to prevent sensitivity reduction. Estimation of these new parameters using the input and output values is studied here.


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