Piezoelectric energy harvesting from vertical piezoelectric beams in the horizontal fluid flows


1 Iran - Boushehr - PG university - school of Mechanical Engineering

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering School, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

3 Iran- Shiraz- Shiraz University- school of Mechanical Engineering


Piezoelectric Energy harvesting (PEH) from fluid flow energy has attracted significant attention throughout the last decade. In the previous PEH from fluid flow, a piezoelectric beam placed behind a bluff body such as circular cylinders. Hence, the piezoelectric beam oscillated due to the vortex shedding behind of the bluff body. Subsequently, this vibration generates voltage in the beam. In many engineering vehicles such as airplanes the strong vortex shedding caused by bluff body is destructive and reduces the efficiency of devices, therefore; it is not proper to attach a bluff body to these devises.
In this paper PEH from vertical beams in low speeds and high speed flows are investigated. Current work shows that in contrast to the low speed flows the extracted power from vertical beam in the high speed flows are considerable. Moreover, for a practical example of vertical beam in high speed flows the energy harvesting from piezoelectric Gurney flap attached to a NACA2412 airfoil is investigated. Finally, this study proposes a piezoelectric vertical beam with attached end cylinder as an energy harvester in the low speed flows. It is indicated that this device has strong vibration and therefore produces a remarkable electrical power


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