A projection-based approach to intuitionistic fuzzy group decision making

Document Type : Article


1 College of Mathematics and Computer Science, Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang, China

2 Library of Guangdong Ocean University, Zhanjiang, China


Group Decision Making (GDM) is usually used for solving complex decision problems, which is an important part of modern decision science. Weight of the Decision Maker (DM) plays an important role in the GDM process, and the projection-based approach is a comprehensive consideration between decision objects. It is a valuable work to determine the weights of DMs by a projection measurement. This paper investigates a GDM
method based on projection measurement in an intuitionistic fuzzy environment. First, this article introduces an ideal decision among all individual decisions, and the weights of DMs are determined by using a projection measurement. Then, the individual decisions are aggregated into a collective decision. Finally, the preference order of alternatives is identi ed by using the score and accuracy function of the intuitionistic fuzzy numbers.
In addition, a comparison with another GDM method is provided. Feasibility and practicability of the developed method are illustrated by an experimental analysis. The experimental result shows that the projection-based method is a high-resolution decision method.


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