Frequency-domain-based switching median filter for the restoration of images corrupted with high-density periodic noise

Document Type : Article


College of Computer Science, King Khalid University, Abha, P.O. No: 394, Zip: 61411, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The paper proposes an adaptive Frequency-Domain-based Switching Median Filter (FDSMF) for the restoration of images corrupted by periodic noise. The proposed algorithm incorporates region-growing technique to e ectively identify noisy peak areas of the Fourier transformed image in a binary noise map image. The restoration phase of the algorithm replaces the corrupted frequencies with the median of uncorrupted frequencies by recursive median lter. Experimental results from di erent naturally and arti cially corrupted images at various noise levels/types reveal that the performance of the proposed algorithm in restoring images corrupted by periodic noise is better than other competing algorithms in terms of subjective and objective metrics.


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