Credibility-Based Fuzzy Mathematical Programming for Bi-Objective Capacitated Partial Facility Interdiction with Fortification and Demand Outsourcing Model


1 Industrial Eng.

2 University of Tehran

3 Iran University of Science and Technology


The concepts of fortification and partial interdiction have not been considered concurrently in previous studies. In this paper for the first time we added the fortification and partial interdiction concepts to interdiction problem, the reason is that in interdiction situations, defenders decide to protect some important facilities according to their budgets, and attackers like to destroy most unprotected facilities according to their resources and therefore to cripple the defenders systems.  Also, we use the advantages of credibility-based fuzzy mathematical programming and introduce an integrated model based on uncertainty contexts. In this bi-objective model decision maker gives satisfaction degrees for constraints and then we use the interactive possibility model to solve the bi-objective model with varying confidence levels. These confidence levels specify the knowledge of attacker and defender about themselves. Also, we propose genetic algorithm (GA) to solve the suggested model. In the experiments, we generate problem instances and solve them with multi-objective mixed-integer non-linear programming (MOMINLP) and the proposed genetic algorithm for various settings.