Evaluation of planing craft maneuverability using mathematical modeling under the action of the rudder


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Center of Excellence in Hydrodynamics and Dynamics of Marine Vehicles, Tehran, Iran


In the recent years, different mathematical models are suggested for maneuvering of displacement vessels which are capable to estimate the vessel maneuver with acceptable precision. But simulation of planing craft maneuverability through mathematical model is not developed yet. In this paper a mathematical model is developed for planing craft maneuvering by including the rudder forces and moments. Different maneuvers are executed through the mathematical model such as straight-line stability, course keeping and turning circle maneuver. Simulation results were validated with the published experimental results and they are in good agreement. Finally, the influence of rudder angle on maneuverability of planing craft was studied and also the effect of aspect ratio has been investigated. The mathematical model and hydrodynamic coefficients were presented in this paper can be applied for the optimization of planing craft maneuvering and the course control purposes.