Impact dynamics of metallic nano particles in collision with graphene nano sheets


Iran University of Science and Technology


In this paper impact of metallic nanoparticles on graphene sheets was investigated via non equilibrium molecular dynamics (NEMD) approach. Upon unique feature of graphene to absorb motion energy of the materials impacted on it, systems based on graphene can be an appropriate solution for the purpose of damping. The proposed model was validated by available experimental data and simulation. It was demonstrated that mechanics of impact is not a multidimensional problem, therefore it can be studied by molecular dynamics. Effect of velocity of the particles, impact angle and number of the graphene sheets on the coefficient of restitution of the metallic nanoparticles was researched. Contrarily to macro systems, it was observed by increasing the velocity of impact, coefficient of restitution decreased. Also by increasing impact angle, coefficient of restitution changed with the formula: e(theta)=0.418(theta)^2-0.045(theta)-0.396. By increasing the graphene sheets, the coefficient reduced significantly. Negative coefficient of restitution was observed for some cases, which was reported also on other works about nanostructures. It was shown a single graphene layer can withstand 3.64 times more than a 20 layer graphene sheet toward impacting.