The effect of Carbon Nanotubes/Bioglass nanocomposite on Mechanical and Bioactivity properties of Glass Ionomer Cement


Dental Materials Research Center


The aim of this study was to manufacture and characterize Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)/bioglass (BG) to improve the mechanical and biocompatibility properties of Glass-Ionomer Cement (GIC). The powder of Glass-Ionomer Cements was prepared through fusion and carbon nanotubes and bioactive glass were manufactured through fusion and added to the cement to improve its mechanical and bioactive properties. To evaluate the biological adaptation of manufactured composites, they were placed in simulated body fluid (SBF). Finally, the compressive strength test and erosion test showed that the mechanical properties of Glass-Ionomer Cement are two folds of those when 1% carbon nanotubes are used (P