Large amplitude free vibration of magnetoelectroelastic curved panels


1 Bu_Ali Sina University

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering


In this paper, the large amplitude free vibration of magnetoelectroelastic curved panels is investigated. The panel is considered to be simply-supported on all edges and the magnetoelectroelastic body is subjected to the electric and magnetic fields along  direction. To obtain the governing equations of motion, the Donnell shell theory and the Maxwell equations for electrostatics and magnetostatics are used. The nonlinear partial differential equations of motion are reduced to a single nonlinear ordinary differential equation by introducing trail functions for displacements and rotations and then applying the Galerkin method. The resulting equation is solved by multiple time scales perturbation method. Some numerical examples are presented to validate the study and to investigate the effects of several parameters such as the geometry of the panel and the magnetoelectric boundary conditions on the vibration behavior of these smart panels.