A Multi-objective Fuzzy Goal Programming P-hub Location and Protection Model with Back-up Hubs Considering Hubs Establishment Fixed Costs


1 Urmia University

2 Urmia University Technology


The critical and undeniable role of hubs in telecommunication and networking brings about some precautions to be taken to protect networks against any disruption. In this paper, a multi-objective model in a group of hub location problems, referred to as protection models for survivable network design, is developed. In fact, this model is a hub location problem that aims to maximize the potential flow between the origin and destination node pairs in the network, which has the minimum potential flow among all O-D pairs, including multiple assignment and back-up routes. In addition, it concerns the fixed cost of installation of the hub facilities. A fuzzy goal programming method is applied to solve the model. Different scenarios are implemented using Turkish data set and also numerical experiments are presented to illustrate the advantages of the proposed model in some aspects, compared to previous models. The results can give useful insights into telecommunication network design.