Ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMC) from recycled Flemion membrane used in chlor-alkali industry


Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, P.O. Box 14965/115, Tehran, Iran


A cost effective IPMC was fabricated by using recycled Flemion membrane from chlor-alkali industry. An even distribution of platinum particles on the surface and the bulk was shown by line SEM-EDX. Pt particles and the stiffness of the recycled IPMC were gradually increasing during impregnation-reduction process to form a conventional fractured metallic surface layer displaying discrete islands according to SEM photographs. A highly reproducible current-time diagram was obtained at even low voltages despite no observable motion and no offset current due to water electrolysis by chronoamperometry. However, the sensible motion was observed after 1.5 V with a significant increase in current and appearance of offset current developing with voltage. Due to capacitive characteristics of the recycled IPMC, peak current decreases with frequency linearly while the plateau current was observed only at low frequencies or time periods, Tp, longer than five times constant. The normalized maximum tip force generated at different voltages along with tip displacement and Young’s modulus were measured by load cell and compared with those of a Nafion-based IPMC (N-IPMC). Very close values were obtained confirming the recycling does not have a sensible effect on the mechanics of the recycled IPMC.