Synthesis of a new T-shaped heterobinuclear Pt0-AuI complex [(t-Bu3P)2PtAu(PPh3)]BF4 from trinuclear gold cluster complex [(PPh3)Au]3(-O)BF4


1 Department of Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, P.O. Box 11155-3516, Iran.

2 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Horvatovac 102a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.


The heterobinuclear platinum(0)-gold(I) complex [(t-Bu3P)2PtAu(PPh3)] BF4, 5, was synthesized by the reaction of trinuclear cluster complex f[(PPh3)Au]3(- O)gBF4, 4, with one equiv of [(t-Bu3P)2Pt] at room temperature. The heterobinuclear complex 5 was characterized using multinuclear NMR spectroscopy and elemental microanalysis and was further identi ed by single crystal X-ray structure determination. Crystal structure of 5 shows a T-shaped geometry with an unsupported short distance Pt-Au dative bond.