Investigating the Effects of Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Patches on Aeroelastic Characteristics of a Cantilever Wing in Supersonic Flow


Department of mechanical engineering, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, 47148-71167, Babol, Iran


This work presents energy harvesting from limit cycle oscillation of low aspect ratio rectangular cantilever wings in supersonic flow. The wing is modeled in according to classical plate theory with Von-Karman strain-displacement relations for modeling large deflections due to mid plane stretching. The aerodynamic pressure is evaluated based on the quasi-steady first-order piston theory. Linear and nonlinear aeroelastic characteristics of the considered model are accurately examined and the effects of ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC) energy harvesting on flutter margin and limit cycle oscillation amplitudes are investigated. It is shown that position of IPMC on the wing has a great effect on the amount of harvested power. Since IPMC induces a high level of strain, it produces static deflection of wing. This static deflection produces stiffness hardening of the entire system, and accordingly can greatly reduce the amplitude of limit cycle oscillation. Obtained results show that IPMC actuator has more influence on limit cycle oscillation of wing, while its effect on flutter instability is negligible.