A new approach based on queuing theory for solving the assembly line balancing problem using fuzzy prioritization techniques


1 Industrial Engineering Department, University of Yazd, PO Box 89195-741, Yazd, Iran

2 Industrial Engineering Department University of Yazd, PO Box 89195-741, Yazd, Iran


Determining the number of operator for manufacturing operations is important in Assembly line balancing.Optimal allocation of manpower increase production efficiency. Thus it increases profits of the companies. Since there is a possibility to assign different numbers of machines to each operator, therefore a variety of scenarios of machine assignment to operators will occur. Our goal in writing this paper is to help managers choose the best possible scenario. In this model, each of the possible scenarios are modeled using the principles of queuing theory and costs and revenues from each of these scenarios is calculated.Since uncertainty is an important part of the manufacturing environments, thus a fuzzy logic model is proposed to consider the uncertainty in problem. Since some input of the model such as service rate and arrival rate are fuzzy, thus profit of the model will be a fuzzy number. Therefore we use fuzzy ranking methods for prioritizing the scenarios.