Heat transfer of non-Darcy MHD flow of a nanofluid over a stretching/shrinking surface in a thermally stratified medium with  second order slip model


1 SRMV College of Arts and Science Coimbatore

2 Bharathiar University


The present  investigation is mainly  focused on the problem of heat transfer of an incompressible heat generating/ absorbing magneto hydrodynamic non-Darcy flow of a  water based nanofluid with different  metallic  and non- metallic nanoparticles  over a stretching/shrinking sheet embedded in a  thermally stratified porous medium in the presence of thermal radiation with  second order slip flow model. To analyze the problem elaborately, numerical simulations are carried out.  Moreover, an analytical treatment is performed for a special case. The results for nanofluid velocity, temperature, skin friction coefficient and reduced Nusselt number are discussed. It is found that a unique solution exists in stretching sheet and dual solutions for shrinking sheet which are classified as upper and lower branch solutions. The lower branch solution does  not exist when the magnetic field and porous medium are high for a special case.  Some of the notable results of nanoparticle volume fraction, non-Darcy, slip and stratification parameters are brought out which may applicable for future research works. To validate the present code the present results are compared with benchmark solutions and observed an excellent agreement.