Analytical Quasi 3D Modeling of an Axial Flux PM Motor with Static Eccentricity Fault


Electrical Engineering Department, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


In this paper, an analytical quasi three-dimensional (3D) analysis is used to model an axial flux permanent magnet motor (AFPMM) with static eccentricity (SE) fault. Due to AFPMMs inherent 3D geometry, accurate modeling of AFPMMs requires 3D finite element analysis (FEA). However, 3D FEA is generally too time consuming. Proposed analytical quasi 3D modeling method gives the ability to reduce the time and size of computations by transforming 3D geometry of an AFPMM to several two-dimensional (2D) models, then treat each of the 2D models as a linear machine. Using quasi 3D modeling, the air-gap length variation, magnetic flux density and magnetic forces are modeled in an AFPMM with SE fault by analytical approaches. The results given by proposed method are compared to 3D FEA results and it is shown that these results are accurate enough to model the AFPMM with SE fault correctly. Moreover, using this method is significantly less time consuming process than 3D FEA simulation process which is a great advantage of this method. Finally an experimental validation using two test coils on stator teeth has been carried out to show the accuracy of the proposed method simulation results.