Lane Departure Warning SystemUsing Front-view and Two Mirror-view Cameras


Dept. of Computer Science, National Taipei University of Education, Taipei 10671, Taiwan, ROC


This study proposes a vehicle lane departure warning system (LDWS) that sends warnings to the driver by using the road marking recognition system of two cameras that are installed on the left and right sides of a vehicle. LWDS aims to solve various problems that may possibly arise when driving on the road. LWDS mainly warns the driver about the unexpected conditions. This system generates warnings by using cameras to capture images continuously by identifying the movement direction of a vehicle using the left and right road markings and predicting the driving direction of the vehicle. Two cameras are installed on the right and left side mirrors of the vehicle to promote Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The left mirror-view camera detects the movement on the right lane, whereas the right mirror-view camera detects the movement on the other lane. These two cameras detect the movement of a vehicle using algorithms and send the driver warning signals independently. Our algorithm combines these signals to analyze environment situations. The used algorithms include brightness adjustment, binarization, dilation, erosion, and edge detection image processing techniques. We tested the LUXGEN M7 in an experiment to verify the feasibility of our proposed system.