An efficient three-axis numerically controlled rough-cutting machining approach on five-axis machine for an integral centrifugal impeller


1 School of Mechanical, Electrical & Information Engineering, Shandong University at Weihai, Shandong, China

2 Shandong Shuanglun Co., Ltd., Weihai, China


To improve the machining efficiency for the conventional five-axis numerically controlled (NC) machining of a centrifugal impeller, this paper presents an efficient simultaneous three-axis NC machining approach on five-axis machine instead of simultaneous five-axis NC machining technology. On the basis of the characteristic curves of an impeller and its projection graphs, a rough-cut surface of the blades is partitioned into several unit machining regions (UMRs). The rotating and tilting angles of a five-axis machine bed are calculated and fixed in advance to support the simultaneous three-axis NC machining of each UMR. The tool paths with the zigzag shape are generated to avoid interference and collision between the cutter and the impeller blades based on the simultaneous three-axis control approach on five-axis machine bed. A prototype model of an impeller with nine blades is established, and its final tool paths in each UMR are verified by means of a cutting simulation function on Vericut software. Simulation results demonstrate that the simultaneous three-axis machining approach on five-axis machine bed can significantly improve the machining efficiency compared to the conventional five-axis machining technology.