Meta Software Engineering for Information System Development Projects


Department of Technology Management,Chung Hua University ,707, Sec2, Wufu Rd, Taiwan


Today’s software systems demand increasing tremendously for sophisticated software engineering processes. However, there are a multitude of different development and each have various advantages and disadvantages, some of which relate to the problem domain or the development context. Computer software development processes have to pass from many faces to complete the development. There are many ways to solve a single problem in software development. Sometimes, in Structural engineering, developer is not able to decide which process will suit to that particular problem or we can say that selecting a good process is a big issue in Structural Process Software engineering. The problem of selecting a good candidate method is a big issue in structural process engineering. The solution of such kind of problem can be found in the work to be done, and the task to be performed by the Operational process rather than process structure. This paper introduces the notion of process operationality and proposes ‘process architecture’ to represent this operationality. Thus, Structural Process Engineering (SPE) becomes Operational Process Engineering (OPE). Operationally close process architecture is selected, adapted, enhanced, and restricted as needed. The task of construction handles the putting together of process features and structuring the new process.