An Approach for Secure Data Exchange: Experiments on Android-based Mobile Device


Department of Information Management, National Taichung University of Science and Technology,Taichung City, 40401, Taiwan ROC


Advances in information and communication technology have made mobile devices very easy for people to share and exchange information. However, such exchanges of data may require privacy, or users may not want that data to be publically accessible. Data exchange security has therefore also become very important in the development of such devices, and, indeed, in mobile wireless network environments, in which the secure exchange of data between mobile devices has become an important issue. This study proposes a novel approach for the secure exchange of data between discrete mobile devices. Cryptographic techniques, including advanced encryption standard, triple data encryption standard, and data encryption standard, are enforced in a data exchange process, and a popular android-based mobile device is used to test the designed mechanism for secure data exchange. The experiment results show the encryption/decryption time of each cryptographic technique working on the android-based mobile device. A comparison of the experiment results also shows which cryptographic technique is appropriate for data exchange between discrete android-based mobile devices. The contribution of this work is to explore the above data security issue, and to recommend an appropriate cryptographic technique for data exchange between discrete mobile devices.