Forecasting Hourly Traffic Volume: Incheon International Airport Access Road


1 Department of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, Hanyang University ERICA Campus, 55 Hanyangdaehak-Ro, Sangnok-Gu, Ansan, South Korea

2 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 473 Via Ortega, Room 314, MC 4020, Stanford University, Stanford, California, United States of America


This paper is intended to understand therelationship between airport access road hourly traffic and airport users’ trip characteristics. Amathematical model is developed inorder to provide a foundation for planning airport facility and enhancing existing services. From the results, it can beconcluded that significant relationships exist between airport operation and traffic volume in airport access road.It was found that the proposed model has a good prediction capability for the traffic volume in Incheon International Airport Expressway on hourly basis. This model can be used to predict the number of vehicles queued at airport entrances intersection or toll plaza, predict optimum toll lane staffing, and analyze the level of congestion on the roadway for different levels of air passenger demand in future.