MergedAutomobile Maintenance Part Delivery Problem Using an Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm


1 School of Automotive Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian, 116024, China

2 School of International Trade and Commerce, Yanching Institute of Technology, 065201, Beijing, China


The merged automobile maintenance part delivery problem will attract interests from the merged company due to the reduced delivery cost by collaborative delivery among several automobile part depots. Since the delivery problem is a very complex problem, Voronoi diagram is adopted to simplify this delivery problem by splitting customers into several sets. Then, this paper attempts to solve this delivery problem by using of artificial bee colony algorithm. To improve the performance of the artificial bee colony algorithm, an adaptive strategy is used to control the proportion of scouts and leaders. At last, the computational results for 23 benchmark problems indicate that the proposed algorithm is an effective method to solve the multi-depot vehicle routing problem. Furthermore, the results of a merged automobile maintenance part delivery problem also indicate that the improved artificial bee colony algorithm with Voronoi diagram is feasible for solving this kind of delivery problem.